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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Tidying up mud..

It's started to drizzle outside, and the snow has started to melt, which isn't all that good considering I've just thrown a lot of dust from 3 meters of height and it has spread everywhere, making a thin layer of mud.

Was faced with this when I started early this afternoon:

Approx an hour and a half and 28 Wheelbarrow loads later, at 100L each, this is what was left:
So yesterdays guess as to how much material it was wasn't very far off, at 2.8M3.
That's aproximately half of the total of material I'm planning to remove.
Now upstairs there's this:
 A picture of the Bitumen paper, with nice clean wood underneath.
 A picture of what is still left to be cleared, it doesn't have bitumen paper under it, but just wall paper and old paper bags or something. 
And a picture of the area that has been cleared, with the dividing wall between the livingroom and what will be our bedroom, it appears to be made of bricks, I don't know if its supporting the joists or not, but I need to investigate once the mud is cleared off the top and I can start to lift planks up.

Managed to get the tap working outside and flushed most of the mud away off the concrete but its still a mess, and I'm planning on making more anyhow.

That seems to be it for now.. Muscles are aching, back is all stiff, and I must start studying for both of my exams I need to take sometime this month.

Don't know if I'll continue tomorrow or not, depends how I'm feeling.

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