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Friday, 7 January 2011

Not much to report!

Didn't do anything in the house today, managed to go out to town to buy a new wheelbarrow though, it's nice and light and galvanised. 100L too so plenty of space for stuff, I can't remember the make of it at the moment, But I'll get some pics of it in action up later :)
I think the old wheelbarrow is 80% concrete and 20% rust and weighs more than the actual material you load into it, plus its one of these folded sheet metal ones which leaks out stuff everywhere.

I've been doing some more calculations and looking up materials.
Discovered I'm going to need 11 Pallets of AAC bricks, with 120 bricks per pallet, for approx 195M2
As well as 12 25KG bags of Mortar Glue to stick them together.

Also started some rough calculations for the concrete floor, and I am amazed I can't find any Polyurethane underfloor insulation like we have back in Scotland such as Kingspan, Celotex, Quinntherm etc. 

Some pics from yesterday what I was doing, they were taken during my tea break, and it was rather dusty so they didn't come out too well.

 Random assortment of bottles and glass vessels I've found, as well as three sinks!
 Here's the pile of glass that I've lifted up scattered across the whole loft, yes that is a two-three person "park bench" its piled up on.. I have no idea who thought it was a good idea to randomly scatter glass around upstairs rather than making a neat pile or disposing of it.
 Here's the heap of rubbish that has been lifted out from amongst the hay, it must be coming up for 1.5M3, with everything from wood to plastic, polystyrene, paper, broken tiles, cardboard, string etc.
A view towards the front of the house approximately halfway in, with all the straw/hay and rubbish cleared, I started prodding around in the mud layer..
Some of the mud layer removed, most of it came up in hard lumps, but near the walls and edges it was just pure dust.
Not a very good picture, but under this half there are layers of Bitumen paper, which is brilliant as the wood will be perfect underneath it. On the other side there is some form of paper, I think its a combination of whatever they could find, empty cement bags, wallpaper etc.

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