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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

All quiet on the (Central) front.

Cleared out the rest of the stuff up to the "thin red line" where "our" side of the building meets granny's side on Monday. Tuesday I arrived to clear up the material that was lying outside, but for some reason Granny had already made a start, and decided to scatter it next to the road in front of her house to "level" it off... It was all dug upside down at the end of 2010 to install a new sewer.. anyhow, this stuff will turn into mud, which is what is there already.. but now with added straw!  
Tidied the rest of the heap up into the garden, and hosed and scrubbed all the concrete down outside to make it "tidy".. (The concrete is knackered.. but that's for another day.)

Anyhow, some pictures of the side where our livingroom/kitchen/bathroom will hopefully be.. up towards the "line" where granny's side starts.. but the planks continue onwards under into her side so I might need to clear it all up yet.. and when I get round to installing Central Heating and Hot Water to her side, I'll need access under the planks on her side anyway.. which means more mess outside... Sometimes people make life difficult.. I'd rather just continue in one go and get it all tidied away.. but c'est la vie..

Anyhow, two pictures:

It's quite a nice wooden floor, considering its been covered in mud for the last 70 odd years.

Also started playing with another program to make drawings, I've been using Google Sketchup and Sweet Home 3D in the past, now I'm using a program called "Archicad" which seems very easy to use.

Still wondering what the next step is in the plan... I need to keep in mind Granny is still living there.. and she hates mess... so the idea is to separate her side first.. but I need to include her in with heating and hot water... as well as a new floor, and a channel under her floor for the Ventilation system, as well as electrics that need to be done.. and she has a silly gas heater on her wall she wants to keep... but worst of all I need to gain access to the top, which is still covered with all the rubbish in the loft.... which I'm not allowed to touch..

Decisions decisions..

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