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Saturday, 22 January 2011

No more mud!

Finally "finished" upstairs, the last part really was the worst, it was still hard like it was intended to be all those years ago, so I had to smash it all to bits using a pick axe, it broke up in hard lumps so was very hard to shovel up without the whole lot falling off the shovel as you can only fit 1 or 2 lumps on at a time.

In short, it took about 5 hours longer than I expected it to take, and I set out to finish it all in one go.

Anyhow, all the crap upstairs is GONE!!!! No more mud.. no more hay...

Went out today and got a Karcher WD 3.500 P vacuum cleaner to suck up the remainder of the dust in the corners and on the floorboards, before starting to pull up floorboards and hoovering underneath them too where I plan on having pipes and cables ran, or knocking the ceiling down in some places.

Two pictures:

 A picture of the remainder of the hay/straw crap being thrown out from above granny's room, and the ladder/shute contraption. It's an old wooden ladder with a wonky leg (Use a piece of wood to level it) then the top is a very thin almost cardboard like piece of wood bent into the hatch and nailed in place, then under it is old linoleum, which decided to break halfway through tipping the rubbish out.

I recon the heap was around 4M3 in total, granny managed to shift half of it on her own as she was impatient and wanted to get started early in the morning.. She's 70 something-rather and still active like crazy..
And the part with all the hay raked out, just rubbish in the background and the mud that needs cleared up.

It's all a beautifull wooden floor now, granted its covered in dust, but it's quite nice. Some of the boards have some kind of beetle mark in them, others have been gnawed by rats, which reminds me.. I saw a rat up there yesterday, I was baffled! A little head poked out of a hole in the mud which was still to be removed, it casually scurried along the far away wall, and into another hole in the mud, upon inspection both holes go outside under the roof.. so I need to plug them up.. oh and also found a fresh dead rat in a corner upstairs 5 minutes after seeing the live one!

Anyhow.. no more crap for them to hide in upstairs! I'm very glad it's all done for now.. so now I just need to hoover, and then I can concentrate 110% on the actual renovation instead of tidying up old rubbish. 

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