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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Dusty Operations continued!

We've been to meet the heating engineer on Monday and talked about all the different options, we've settled on a combination of Floor heating in some rooms, and wall heating in others.

He came over on Wednesday and viewed the property to see what's what exactly, and we discussed what exactly will go where.

The majority of the pipes will run between the new ceiling and the floorboards in the loft, so I've finally had the go-ahead to clear up the rest of granny's side.

We cleared up most of the remaining junk upstairs on Tuesday, Engineer over on Wednesday, and today I've lifted the last remainder of Hay out, and onto a big heap to hopefully compost over time, and I've cleared above Granny's room now, there's a nice heap of mud outside, tomorrow I'll continue and remove the mud above the kitchen and bathroom and pantry, and then it will be done up there.

I need to try and get a decent hoover to suck up all the dust in the loft, there is a coating of dust everywhere, and it wont ever come out of the loft unless its cleaned up once properly, I also need to remove any dust that's slipped through the gaps between the floorboards, as I'm planning on knocking the ceilings through from the top, and don't really want extra mud-dust going downstairs when I'm working.

So, next step.. Separating granny, and creating a new platform in the loft for the boiler, water pressure vessel and warm water tank to live on.

More pics tomorrow hopefully!

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