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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

A rather dusty operation..

I've decided to get started (Well I did before Christmas), and get rid of the Hay/Straw insulation in the loft, back at the end of December I made two large heaps and did approximately half of the stuff.

It was approximately 30cm deep in places, with lots of hidden goodies such as bits of metal, broken glass, random shoes, plastic bags, pieces of clothing/fabric and bits of wood as well as other bizarre items.
The whole loft was scattered with old tools and random objects, which I managed to gather together into one corner above the kitchen where I won't be working (hopefully!)

Today I  raked together some more hay, and Granny organised a local man from the village to come with his pony and cart, to see if he wanted it as bedding for the pony. Off course he said yes! I reckon he managed to take away around 5M3 of the stuff, I've raked up the rest above the front rooms and made another nice heap, I reckon around 4M3 again.

Very very dusty stuff... I was wearing my little 3M mask which ended up pitch black on the filter side. 

Much to my amusement I also found a piece of a steering rack, buried underneath the straw,  presumably from a Skoda 100 or something similar.

Tomorrow the man is coming back for the rest of the straw, then the fun can really begin... There is around 1-2 inches of dried mud ontop of the wooden planks which form the loft floor, it's very very hard stuff.
I'm hoping a decent shovel/spade combined with a pick and a hammer will sort it, otherwise there is always an SDS Hammer drill to rattle it loose from the planks.

I've also been researching different insulation properties for building a new internal wall, I'm torn between Aerated Autoenclaved concrete blocks (Such as YTong blocks) or Drywall (Plasterboard) with studwork.

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