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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

No horsing around, and some more images :-)

Here's a pic of today's work tidying up the rest of the hay/straw which will be re-used as bedding for the pony's!

It's brilliant if you ask me, the local guy is quite happy to receive the stuff, and is doing us a huge favour at the same time, plus the pony gets to do some work. Please don't get the idea that everyone uses a horse and cart here instead of a car and trailer in Slovakia.
The guy happens to keep horses, and still tries to use them actively wherever he can. :)

Plenty more rubbish in the loft to be tidied up, then its onto the dusty/earth stuff covering the top of all the wooden boards up there... Not particularly looking forward to that, but it needs to be done.

 This is the first load heaped up, looking towards the rear end of the house, I think it's around 6M2.

Looking into the corner above where the livingroom will be hopefully, most of the hay removed but still some left in the foreground.

Looking from the rear of the house towards the front and the little window, most of the hay has been removed, but you can clearly see the layer right at the front.
This is the collection of "random" items found scattered across the whole loft, I need to have a good hunt through it and see what's for the bin (Granny's approval pending off course!)

This is the chimney approximately halfway down the house, I'm hoping to extend the walls downstairs up here, and make a nice little cosy enclosure for the new boiler, hot water storage tank and header tank, as well as the floor heatings mixers.  But time will tell. You can see the heap is fairly large, the distance from the bottom of the "floor" to the wooden cross beams is approximately 1.70M

More pictures tomorrow hopefully, once the dust has settled and I've had a chance to have a dig around up there.

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