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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Room 1, done.

Ok, few pictures to share.

Extended the kitchen floor right up through the new door, was a bit of a nightmare as none of the walls were straight, but managed in the end.

 Laminate floor went in, we chose compressed fibreboard for underlay as it breathes, unlike the plastic insulation materials you can get, it also conducts less noise than ordinary plastic insulation.
 expansion gaps between boards.
 Half of the floor in..
 Floor in.
 Sticking in the skirting boards.
 Where the kitchen floor and the room floor meet, its a strip with rubbery glue on it, and 4 screws into the concrete below.
 And furniture moved in.
 One wall with large cupboard setup, in front of the new wall.
We had to go out and buy a new TV as the old one wouldn't fit, it was too deep and there was no space to plug anything in behind. 
 And the curtains up too looking out the window.

That's all for now.