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Monday, 17 January 2011

Getting specialists involved!

Had the electrician around yesterday to take a look at the plans I'm proposing, and they all seem fine, and he's happy with what we wish to do, so that's good news. Only downside is we need to re-do all the rest of the wiring around the property, inclusive of Granny's Kitchen and Bathroom as its done to "old" standards (Was just renovated 5 years ago..) which connects the Negative terminal to Earth, it's a spaghetti heap so not easy to simply unhook as none of the cables are correctly colour coded, it was put together using whatever they found.

So that's going to be a fair bit of extra un-planned work!

Also had the first meeting with the Heating engineer who will be in charge of fitting and designing our heating system to suit our needs. (A link to his website:

We are going to opt for Wall heating instead of traditional radiators, it was explained to us that they require less heat than traditional radiators and have a far more positive effect on the thermal comfort inside the house, as well as needing less energy to heat up a room as its only at ~30C rather than ~60C for a normal radiator.

The upstairs area in the loft will probably require a new floor to support all the new hardware, we are also going to require a new pump in the well to get rid of the annoying pulsating water pressure.

He's coming around on Wednesday to take a look at the property and see if there is room for any other improvement.

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