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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Quick Update.

Tried out the new hoover, and ended up with a full hoover in less than 2 minutes, so decided to try and clean as much as I can by hand, It took almost two full days to go all the way round on hands and knees and clean all the edges up, and lift the remainder of the loose stuff away at the edges under the roof, I've re-organised all the stuff that was left in the loft so now most of it is in the rafters resting on planks instead of on the floor.

I recon I must have removed at least another 3-4 wheelbarrow loads of dust by now, using the bottom of another hoover as a canister on wheels to pour the rubbish into, wheeling it around along with me, it's approximately 15-20L a go.

The new vacuum cleaner works a treat! Only downside is the bags, you can only re-use them a handfull of times before the inside of them breaks and the dust coats the filter.. oh and the filters are rather brittle.. you can't give them a decent whack on a solid object to get any dust on it off the filter, as the plasticy foam ring just snaps.. Luckily we bought 5 spare bags and 1 spare filter. The bags aren't cheap though, at nearly €10,- for 5.

Anyhow, hoovering the floor is completed!!! I lifted up the first set of floorboards to have a peek above granny's kitchen, found some more dead dried out mice in there... I need to Insulate it with glass wool to get granny to stop complaining she's cold. I don't actually think its ANY colder in her room than it was before, but she blames it on the lack of "insulation"... probably a "placebo" affect. It is -7 C outside though.

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