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Friday, 10 February 2012

Operation Door Part Deux & Project Hallway.

Not done any updates for a while now.

 Finished fixing the doorframe in place and started with the construction of the top of the wall.

 Wall built up, a gap has been left for the fusebox, I have drilled holes through the brick (So you can't see it on the surface) to the void between the loft and the ceiling for the wiring to come down.
Temporary door in place (and granny gone nuts with polystyrene) to keep the heat in.

Ok, The next day was a LONG day.. granny made me finish it all in one go, and wouldn't let me go home :(

 Knocked all the render off the ceiling, most likely got shouted at for leaving the door open at some point.. !
Ceiling planks all down, main supporting beams exposed and the loft (Very dusty as you can see in the picture)

Next, slight problem.. marked out the position of where the new ceiling height will be, so all the cables for the wiring can run there, and to make some more space for insulation.
The old three phase cabling runs in this wall, RIGHT at that height somewhere, so I had to investigate very carefully with a screwdriver scraping the render off till the conduit was exposed to make sure I wouldn't drill into it when securing the new ceiling brackets.

 Picture of one of the three culprits running side by side, 380V..
At least I knew where it was, so i wouldn't stand the risk hitting it by accident.
Brackets all bolted down into the wall, had to move some of them around a bit as the plugs didn't have anything to grip (Voids between bricks..), metal runners all secured in and level.

That was the last pic that day, finished at around 10PM at night after laying the insulation on top of the plasterboard from above. (which was all done in the same day)

 Plasterboard all secured
 Other end.
 Ripped off the remainder of the panelling, and much to my disappointment half of the rendering decided to come with it around the doors so I had to patch it back up layer by layer.

 Keyed the surface everywhere and continued building up the edges around the door bit by bit
Secured a wooden batton to the wooden lintel above the door and fixed some plasterboard there since there was a huge void above the door.
Recessed 4 electrical boxes and three pipes into the wall, it's complicated but it will be necessary.

1x single light switch top right for Outside light Automatic/Off (PIR sensor)
1x blank for underfloor heating thermostat top left.
1x blank for alarm panel in the middle.
1x double light switch bottom for left side hall light, right side outside light On/Off to override automatic

 More keyed surface under grannies bedrooms window in the hall.

Edges built up more and the keyed surface filled in with core render.

 Surface plaster on all the walls all buffed up, the paint still on the wall ran out when wet so mixed with the plaster, hence the red tint.
 The four electrical boxes are there somewhere :)

And viewing the new wall with the fuse box recess.