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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cracks and ceilings!

 Looking around I started to wonder about cracks in walls and what state they were in, I knew that the middle wall had shifted a long time ago but since its being removed completely there's no issue with that. However in the top picture you can see a crack leading diagonally.. which will require further investigation at some point.

There are three cracks in this picture which worried me a bit since its the front corner of the house.

Another large crack between the middle wall and the outside wall, no problem as its going to be removed... however the diagonal crack is a bit odd.

 So I went off and started to investigate knocking the render away.. No issues to be found as the rocks in the wall are still in one piece, so its surface cracks only here.

 Knocked off some more render on the front side of the house near the cracks and the top patch in this picture is fine, no issues there, but the lower crack is split right along the joints of rocks in the wall, and will probably require pointing up again properly as at the moment its held together with very weak mortar and Loam/Clay.

 Anyhow, knocked the ceiling out in the right room and cleared it all up, 3 afternoons work after school.

 And this is yesterdays work, cut free the ceiling all the way round with the SDS hammer drill and chisel bit.
 All the way round so it can come down properly.
 Removed the boards from the top side in the loft, I think this was the first side they did as every single board on every single beam had at least 4 nails in it!

 1-2 hours later with a large lump hammer... everything knocked down.


And the heap outside just seems to be growing and growing, must be a good 8-10M long by 4 meters wide by now and 1 - 1.5M tall. I made a special ramp with an old ladder and some planks to get up on top!

 And the planks.. which granny is painstakingly removing nails, wire and pegs from... so we can burn it.. If it was up to me it would be burnt right now or given to gypsies to burn, its simply not worth all the work of removing nails etc for firewood... besides we have plenty of firewood already!

Oh well, what can one do ?

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