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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Water pump supply

As some as you might remember, A plan was made to rewire the existing water pump and also run water from the basement to the new boiler platform above the new bathroom. This ran underneath granny's room floor underneath the insulation and concrete slab to the basement.

So, here's the new electrical box (IP44) on the wall mounted in the basement, with its cable feeding through underneath granny's room floor. The big grey pipe will be  cut to size and house a water pipe leading to the boiler platform.

 Here you can see the existing pump wiring "hanging" or doing whatever it does... its shocking really, I think its 0.75mm wire as well.(and its un-earthed)

A view of the basement... full of rubbish, lots of bodge jobs such as using a gas valve on speedfit for water (Yellow handle) and extension cables on extension cables, electrical tape etc.. And the remains of the old boiler set-up.

And here the pipe appears underneath the wall outside grannies room, I cut a new groove in the wall for ducting and now the cable goes straight up to the loft so it can be connected into the new fusebox at some point.

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