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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Clearing out and investigation part 2

Moved onto the other room and did the same, locating old electrics and stripping them out completely as they were cut off months ago during the removal of the connecting wall.

 I simply grab the hand held metal detector and start searching for the strongest signal, and mark it out.
Round circles are connection boxes 9 out of 10 times, but this time it was wrong!

All uncovered

2 boxes found in this state, I can't believe this is still "safe". 

 And what in earth is this, a 1cm thick metal peg in the wall... bit of overkill if you ask me to hold a conduit in the wall!
Then moving onto the light for removal.. I undo the screw and I'm completely shocked.. 

Lots of mouse droppings..

 And this.. a mouse nest.. talk about fire hazard!!

Nest removed and wires bent down.. simply twisted together aluminium with some sticky tape over the ends..

Health and safety clearly didn't exist in the 50's!

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