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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hallway update.

Maria's father helped to smooth out the walls some more as it became awfully patchy with various depths of render on the wall.

Impatient Granny decided to "help".
She went crazy and started painting everything such as light switches and the brand new light holder (Inclusive of its bulb).

She also decided to "help" remove some of the spillage of render off the new door frame with what I can only presume was a cheese grate of some sorts and scratched all the paint off it so it requires repainted (again)

Anyhow, the floor is going to have to wait till the other rooms are done as the floor heating requires continuous pipework and I don't want it dangling in the way for the next 3-4 months.

Anyhow, it now looks like this. I need to finish the electrics off at some point but I'm still waiting on components to arrive, as well as sussing out what still needs to be re-connected in granny's side (Which is proving a pain as its going to involve a lot of extra work I hadn't counted on!)

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