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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Progress part 1

A long overdue quick dump of pictures. 

Parket lifted off floorboards.

Floorboards lifted, no sign of rot anywhere!

Rotten beams removed.

Slag/Vermiculite stuff all removed and digging down to bottom of foundation to see how deep it is, and also determining where the new foundation is required.
The new wall between the bedroom and livingroom needs to be shifted by approx 30-40CM in order for the new chimney to fit between the roof beams. The existing chimney is integrated inside the wall and there isn't' enough space to build the wall in the same place and then place anew chimney next to it.

Rest of the soil dug out and removed, electrical conduit rolled up and out of the way again!
Second big hole, approx 60CM wide 90CM deep.  This is for the new foundation for the wall between the kitchen-bathroom and bedroom.
bedroom-livingroom hole
Bathroom/kitchen-bedroom hole.
Existing foundation requires widening by about 20-30cm. Holes were drilled into the existing foundation and sections of rebar were stuck inside the hole and glued in place.
Lengths of rebar on the sections and all tied together.
Concrete with shuttering in place.
New foot slab at bottom of new foundation, 15cm thick, 50cm wide., it will carry a 20-30cm foundation ontop of this and then a 15cm blockwork wall ontop of that.

And shuttering removed :)

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