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Monday, 26 September 2011

Where did the ceiling go?!

Started removing the ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom to be, since it will be replaced anyway, and the wall needs to come out in order to be renewed.

Had to find a new circular saw blade after the existing one was extremely blunt, it would be better as a smoker than a saw. Turns out that the size of the blade is something that nobody stocks... so had to go for a slightly smaller one.. oh well.

It looks like the ceiling was put up before the walls were put up, as the planks continue over the walls.

The circular saw made short work of that, but I fear I need a new blade again now..

I've also cut the top planks in the attic to the size of the rooms below rather than enormous long planks which are 5M long when you only require 50cm access of those 5M.

Anyhow, some pics! :)

This is how the floor/ceiling arrangement works, planks on top, planks nailed to the bottom with straw mats with rendering thrown against it. the bit in the middle is the bit that needs to come out.
 I'm a bit concerned about this, it looks like the chimney stack has been built ONTO the roof beams..  I don't think I require to move that beam, at least I hope so.. or we might be in doo doo!
 ceilings cut out and knocked down.
 Above the kitchen to be (Left is a supporting wall)
 And bathroom to be, none of these walls except the far left are supporting.

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