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Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Ahead of the works to be carried out to grannies room I've started to knock the render off the other side of the wall (Our Kitchen and Bathroom to be) to reveal the brickwork and see exactly what we're dealing with. I've also removed the render from both sides between the kitchen and bathroom to be's wall, as that will be replaced anyhow.

There's a fair old heap of old render now, which will do nicely as a hardcore to throw below the new concrete slab.

I'm quite glad these walls are being replaced, they really are a pick'n'mix variety of wall.
I wouldn't feel safe sticking another 2 Ton of concrete up ontop for a plinth for the boiler and water tank etc, and another 300kg of blockwork to make a frost tight room for the boiler, and add to that the boiler itself and 200L water tank or whatever it will be.. soon adds up to 3000KG+

Funnily enough, the outside wall (North wall) is rubble/stone/mud too... supporting the roof beams, but the inside wall supporting the roof beams appears to be brickwork, quite nicely laid at that too!

Makes the job a bit easier I suppose.

Granny's freaking out due to the amount of dust generated.. sadly I can't do much about it now can I!

Anyhow, Pics time:

South facing inside supporting wall on right and internal wall that's too come down on left.. see the difference in workmanship (And materials!)

 Grannies de-dust cloaking device (it's an old curtain) to stop the dust getting round the gaps of the old door. This whole wall is coming down and is being replaced so it can carry the load of the boiler above.
 On the left is the North side outside supporting wall, I chipped back the render on it to see what exactly it was made of, and to see how the internal wall attaches to it... well err... it kinda doesn't really.
 Notice the difference between the blockwork of the chimney (In the middle) and the wall to the left and right of it... I hope the wall was built around the chimney later, it's still to early to tell properly.
South side internal supporting wall, nice blockwork, and the old electrical pipes.. which are still very much live..
And a pic from the inside of our bathroom to be, looking at granny's bedroom on left and dividing wall on right... very pretty blockwork.. NOT.
 And what the insulation guys have left behind, they haven't turned up for 2 days for some reason... Still need to come back and finish it.

Another view of the half finished polystyrene insulation outside

And this is what is planned now... Ytong Galore.

Dektrade ( is delivering materials tomorrow, 2 pallets of Ytong blocks, rebar mesh for concrete floors, 100mm underfloor insulation, cement etc etc. Should be ready to rock & roll after that and get grannies side finished and her isolated from the rest of the building works so she can stop complaining about dust.

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