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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Electricity Main

Finally managed to get the cable buried, not been feeling too well the last few days so its been very slow progress with lots of help from my girlfriend, Maria.

Managed to dig the hole to where the new meter will be next to the road, and into the house.

Had a few setbacks as at first, we got 4x10mm2 cable, and a 32mm ribbed pipe to put it into, which would have been alright-ish.. Until we found out we needed an extra cable to tell machines in the house that the night tariff for electricity was active, and they could switch on... that suddenly wouldn't fit into the ribbed pipe.

Managed to buy a 50mm Orange tube which was ribbed on the outside and smooth on the inside, which did the job nicely :)

Also managed to find the end of the foundations at approx 75-80cm deep, so no need to knock a hole through the wall.

Anyhow, pictures!:

Trench towards the main gas valve, the electricity meter will be next to it. 70-75CM deep.
Back towards the house
Old parket floor coming up.. muhahaha!
Strip cleared out.
Time to lift the planks up, about 10cm of slag, then just soil..
Pipe in outside with electricity cables inside.
And the other end..

Picture of the very rotten floor inside, It needs to continue around the corner into the next room with the tiles, but I'll leave that for another day.
And looking back towards the wall, where it goes into the ground and under the foundations outside.
Here it goes from approx 45cm deep under the floor (Floor needs to come down approx 8cm to be level with other rooms, then 10 insulation and 10 concrete, pipe is 5.) Right down to under the foundations at about 90cm from current floor height.
Pipe buried with 20cm of sieved soil, then marker tape put ontop of it, the end has been tied down back into the ground to stop the gypsies from trying to steal the whole lot.. copper is valuable you know!
Aaanddd all covered back up outside.. inside is still a mess but we'll get there eventually.

Now it's down to the electriciens to fit the new post outside the fence and get the new meter box up!

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