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Monday, 19 September 2011

Couple of pics.

House is still getting insulated from the outside, bit of a nuisance really as the gas pipe has been buried in polystyrene, but we will need access for the new kitchen and boiler at some point...

Also the telephone cable was almost buried behind polystyrene, I managed to get them to remove it from there JUST in time.

Sadly it was too late for another electrical cable.. I'll just have to snip it off once we get the electrics sorted out, and buy a new piece.

New front window, and polystyrene fronting.
 Polystyrene side.

Cable conduit re-buried under floor for now.                                    
   Tiles broken up and smashing through concrete floor.

Concrete removed and dug into soil below, only 20cm deep or so, this whole floor will be dug up eventually and replaced with new concrete and insulation, as well as drainage etc for the kitchen.

And everything covered up again temporary, the cable is now in a position it can be connected into the old electrical box, until we get round to replacing the electrics in the whole house.

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