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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back in Slovakia!

I'm back from my summer holidays, and there has been some progress since I've been away.

Granny's window has been renewed with a new double glazing unit,  the new bathroom to be has a new window too.

Granny has purchased enough polystyrene to do the entire outside walls, which will be done by some workmen.

So, no need to worry about insulating the inside walls anymore, looks like it's going to be done the cheap-ish Slovak method instead.

Now Granny ordered the electrician (without consulting anyone) to come tomorrow, and put a new cable from outside into the house, but in a completely backward fashion. We managed to halt it though, and still need to go and speak to the electrician again.

We've also gone out to buy a new 60x90CM Double glazed window to replace the window into the attic upstairs (Why?? No idea.. Just following orders!)

Today I've dug the trench through the front garden for the new electric cable, at 70CM deep, I wish I was at home.. a digger would have been useful!

Planning on digging up inside the house (It's getting new concrete floors with insulation anyway) and bringing the electricity to a central point.

Anyhow, some pics of the trench in the garden. 

Oh, and a pic of the top window that will be replaced, the new one is completely square. 

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