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Monday, 7 May 2012


 Shuttering removed and rubble levelled out.

 More rubble added and levelled out.
 Took the opertunity to "free" the old fusebox cupboard and figure out where all the tubes etc go coming from it and leading to it.

 Big 3x 63A fusebox is on left for incomer, going to fusebox.
 big one on left is incommer, two thin ones are 3 phase out, up and to the right of the fusebox cupboard

 New wall, bottom has been mortared and levelled in place, all the rest above it are just placed dry to make sure it will all fit.
 From the other side.
 And the top part of the wall ready to fit, just can't reach! (Someone's borrowed the platform ladder..)
 And the whole wall lined up on the floor, ready to be glued in place, as soon as I get a new drill to mix the glue with.. The old drill apparently "broke"during aforementioned borrowing.
Also built up another course of 150mm to make the end receiving wall 300mm wide so the new lintel will fit up ontop of it.

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