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Sunday, 27 May 2012


A quick picture dump again, another section of wall is nearing completion.

 Laying the corner square to the already built wall, and laying the damp proof coursing for the wall between the bedroom and kitchen/bathroom.

 section of wall being worked on, bit on the right will be a pillar made of reinforced concrete to take the load of the roof + wall.
 Wall all built up, just waiting on the pillar, looking from the lounge at the corner of the livingroom where the new chimney + fireplace will be on the other side.
 Bedroom side, managed to get the lintel up above the door using a pulley system and some assistance, stupid thing weighs around 60KG or so! but that's nothing compared to the "monster" lintel going above the 1.6m opening which is also full size, I dread to think how that is going to get up there but we'll deal with that when that time arrises!

 A view of the pillar's inside, 4x 10mm rebar tied together with 6mm squares to keep them at the right distance away from the wall of the pillar.
 Side view of the pillar, its 50mm ytong sections but because it has to be 30x30cm, and the ytong blocks are 599mm long, loosing about 5mm when cutting in half so 594mm, cut in half by hand, not perfectly straight or central, there's a few mm missing here and there, as a result it looks a bit "wonky" but its only superficial and will be planed down later and rendered.
 Filled with concrete!

 Whilst waiting for the concrete to go off the floor in the other room was removed, wooden beams very very rotten indeed, and discovered there was a layer of about 5-20cm of sand underneath it.

 Used the sand to level out the bedroom floor, along with the laser gadget set into a hole in the ground to the right level.

 All levelled out and laser hole filled in.

and 10cm insulation in place along with 3cm perimiter insulation, you can see the "step" that has been made to cover the foundation edge and also in the foreground of the picture a single course of 150mm blockwork to make the 4th wall of the bedroom, so we can lay the concrete right up to the edge of the wall.

The room needs rebar mesh adding to the floor and the dampproof layer, and technically it could have its floor poured, but we will wait till there's an opening large enough to get a wheelbarrow through so the livingroom floor can be dug out whilst the bedroom floor cures.

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