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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

This blogger is fantastic, the moment you finally get used to their layout they decide to change it all around again, making it almost impossible to find the right buttons!! Grrrrr Mr Google you make me so angry at times!

Anyhow, quick update.

 Rest of one side of the wall has disappeared.

 Cleared away the rest of the soil I was using to rest planks on to avoid damage to the newly poured foundation.
 Yet another pile of bricks, just from this one section of wall (Honestly, this isn't the same picture as the last lot, its a fresh pile.)
 Channel cut through the soil for the electricity cable (Again)
 Covered with sand, then a bit of soil to protect it from the mortar/soil/bits of brick from all the rubbish that came off the walls, the grey pipe is to go inside the new foundation so it doesn't become entrapped in the concrete.
 And levelled out again.
 Here you can see the shuttering in place and the grey pipe that the electricity trunking runs through.
And pouring bit by bit...
Few wheelbarrow loads later.... very annoying as I didn't shore the bottom up well enough and I now have a outward trapezoid foundation on one side, the other is still perfectly straight.
Bit of a shame as I usually shove in posts to stop the sides moving, but the concrete foot slab stopped me from doing that effectively.  Ah well, the top is straight-ish, and its 2x as wide as it needs to be for the wall that will be built in the middle ontop of it, letting it cure for now whilst I finish off all my school projects and thesis!

*edit* oh, almost forgot to mention, materials arrived. This should be about half of what is eventually required.

 7 pallets of Ytong, 2 300mm lintels (More to follow, they were out of stock), a garage full of near enough 50m2 of insulation (80 and 100mm), a heap of planks for the ceiling (they were on offer), 35 bags of cement, and a heap of reinforcing for concrete floor.
And 9 tonnes of 0-16mm aggregate.

 Someone seems to be enjoying the new playpark in the backyard :)

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