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Monday, 7 May 2012

The laser leveller!

Having hunted around for a while searching for a method to build the new wall square to the already existing new wall, being faced with every single old wall in the house not being square, I needed a method to "project" a 90 degree line from the new existing wall, to the outside wall over 5 meters away, accurately.  Ended up buying a "Fukuda EK-234P" laser leveller, with 4 vertical, 1 horizontal and 1 downpoint laser.

First, measured from corner of new room to where the wall should be, and projected a line straight to it.

 measured the distance of the line parallel to the new existing wall close to the device itself.
 And measured far away from the device, also parallel, straightened it up if needed so the line was parallel to the existing new wall, and the perpendicular line was still touching the mark painted on the far away wall.
 Device all set up and projecting away :)
 Here you can see (Ignoring everything above the first course of blockwork, as its just there as a dry fit, not glued in place!) how the line projects out perpendicular from the existing wall.
 Holding a level surface against the blockwork showing the position of the line just skimming off the surface.
 It also makes a nice cross on the ceiling :)
 And at the same time projects a line out across the entire ceiling, great for projecting where the new wall will end, and how much clearance will be between the edge of the wall and the next beam (to the left in this image) for the new chimney to fit.
It also projects a nice level horizontal line if wanted.

Or if you want, 4 vertical lines and one horizontal, or 2 vertical and 1 horizontal :)
Great for checking if your courses of blockwork are level (Although this is just illustrating it, its not at the right level)

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