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Friday, 22 June 2012

Update, seems like I forgot to!

Ok so where do we start.

2x lintels are in above where the fireplace will be slotted in, with a little door for access to the back of the fireplace for the backboiler etc.
Blockwork above that, for as far as I can go.

Also the lintels above the kitchen/lounge opening are in, much to my suprise the wooden beam that the roof beams rest on is completely squint, so some creative thinking is needed in order to support the beam properly onto the new lintels above the opening, its about 5cm on one side and about 25cm on the other side.

Still waiting for electrics to be moved (hopefully next week!) so I've been doing "odd" jobs for the last two weeks.

The new lintels above opening and blockwork above.

 Bit more of the wall down so we can get in and out of the room to work.
 Started removing old floor (well, soil..)
 Different angle of the newly built wall and the lintels between lounge and kitchen, see how squint the top is.
 My new castle, its growing bigger and bigger, these are the stones/rocks from the wall that has been dismantled, they will be used for some kind of project later on.
 My new "heap" in the garden which requires removing sometime soon.
 Investigating the old fireplace "foundation" turns out its about 25-30cm deep and then just hovering in thin air, it didn't extend all the way down, neither was it square or flat.

 Drilled down (stitch drilling) with the SDS+ and about 10 holes, and whacked the lump off, it took a large section of the foundation behind it out as well, it was just loose rubbish, nothing substantial.

 Removed some more soil, leaving a raised section to barrow concrete into the bedroom, and you can also see the formwork for the new foundation for the chimney.
 Another view of the removed soil.
 Starting concreting in the next room, approx 16m2 10cm thick.  using 50mm ytong cut offs to keep the rebar off the deck.
 And a few days later, all set :)
 Clearing out the loose rubble and stuff that was sticking out too far in the wall (the new floor is about 15cm lower than the old floor)

 Scrubbed the walls clean from any old paint that was water based, its just going to be re-rendered so it needs to be clean before its re-sealed, this was just an attempt to see what would happen, the holes in the wall are from ages ago when i was investigating cracks in the wall.
 And the gap between old wall and new wall.
 All filled up and straight.

 Cleaned up other section of wall at bottom.
 The gap closed between walls.
 And other section done..

And that's it for now, 2 weeks work in 5 minutes :)

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