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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The walls!

Right, onto the walls now... tearing down the walls so we can rebuild them with proper materials so they can support the load of the boiler platform on top.

Taking down the wall between the kitchen to be and the bathroom, to gain access to granny's livingroom wall.

 All the render of the wall spread over the bottom of the hole in the floor, and vermiculite re-materialising to fill the void left by removing all the soil.
 The chimney poking through in the middle, and the wall coming down either side of it.
 A different view, this was grannies door going into what will be the new kitchen. Notice the cool ramp!
 A bit further down, turns out they used mud/clay mixed with cement instead of sand, as a result one whack with the SDS+ drill about 4 courses down and everything comes loose... starting to freak me out a bit as the chimney appears to be of the same construction.
 continuing down around the doors.
 And we call it a night, a different view..
 Stack of bricks outside :) (Apparently Maria's father wants to keep them to build a new shed somewhere..

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