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Monday, 17 October 2011

Wall's up!

After a fair bit of work, the wall is up. It's pretty fast, but for some reason I had to keep on planing the tops off the bricks to get them straight, and the purpose made tool for spreading the glue tends to leak it all down the sides of the bricks, perhaps I should have ordered a smaller one.

Maria's father has been busy straightening the other three walls in the room and plastering them.

Anyhow, pics:

One evening's work (And my staircase for stepping over the wall :-)

The dark bit is where the wall had a rather deep dip in it, and has been corrected by filling up with plaster.
 Wall up, and the Ytong tool used to recess the pipes into the wall for electric + network + Satellite TV.

The Ytong 70mm drillbit is useless for making recesses for electrical boxes, it just jumps all over the place, perhaps the drill is too fast. Luckily I had a SDS+ 63MM cutting drill for making recesses in concrete/stone/brickwork.

The other wall levelled with mesh fabric and plaster.

 Pipes in and plastered up with Gypsum plaster.
 And another little pipe on the right here, for the Alarm sensor to go eventually.

I've filled in the gap between the old wall and the new wall (the window side) with bricks and mortar.

I've also cut a groove in the top of the brick (picture above) and stuck a  3M long 10mm piece of Rebarb in it, drilled into the outside wall, hammered it home and concreted it into the top of the bricks to offer more support against individual bricks moving once the platform is in.

Still need to fill the gap between the two walls on the pic above.

That's all for now.

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