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Sunday, 30 October 2011


Not updated for a while now.

Maria's Father has levelled all the walls and plastered them, He's also fitted a new door frame to the room, the old one was about 65cm wide, new one is 80cm wide, door is on order but will take 4 weeks to arrive! (Stupid shop..)

I did the Ceiling studwork and with help the plasterboard is up as well now, the room was way to damp for the plaster to go off properly, probably something to do with granny keeping closing the windows and door to "keep the heat in" !!

2nd coat of filling the joints and screw holes I only got round to doing yesterday.

All the electric cables are in and connected to each-other, Just need to tie it into the electricity main at some point once the room has been painted.

I've temporarily tied in the light for now so we can see when we are working.

Upstairs 150mm glass wool is back down again, and all the planks are back on top (Again, Granny complaining about heat being wasted... )

Anyhow, some pics:

 Stud work, on one side it's laying on a metal bracket which has been bolted to the wall, the other side it's on top of the Ytong wall, with some quick brackets to hold it straight whilst I was working.

 Different angle showing the metal hanging off the wood with its own hanging system.

 And same again, you can see the wooden supports hanging off the big roof beams just for extra support (Granny said she won't sleep in the room unless I did that, for fear of it all falling on her head...)
 Plasterboard in..

 First plaster coat filling up gaps.
 All the electric cables pulled through the conduits and down to the room, then joined up, also joined the last 2 boxes near the new wall up to eachother, had to do it slightly different to what I had planned since *someone* completely blocked the exits of the junction boxes with plaster!!!!! Hence the flex stuff, and the pipe running ontop of the ceiling rather than along the wall.
 The "temporary" fix for lights in the box on the left, connected to dodgy aluminium electrics which are both roughly the same colour, but I needed to do something for now.

Box on the right is a top box for a socket down below, with the light switch also going down the same box (Will be on seperate circuit)

All the boxes have a loop right round, so Left side to next box, middle to socket below and right side to next box.

And oooooh, what's that.. Correct colour coding AND earth! Special stuff! And wait.. could it be? It's made of Copper, not Aluminium!
 2nd coat of plaster on the joints.
same again.

That's all for now folks :)

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