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Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Floor, Part 3

Here the Slag/Vermiculite layer has been peeled away, 25 barrows @ 100l

Annnd, the digging commences, another 40CM to go down after the initial 10CM of Slag/Vermiculite, probably about 100 barrow loads in total, this part I got helped with ;-)

The "spoil" heap, sadly its full of bricks and concrete and all sorts of crap so it can't just be spread on the garden in the back, it will need to be sifted through.
On the left you can see the heap of Slag/Vermiculite.
And all the broken/split/nailed up wooden floor bits on the left, and good ones stuck together on the right making a nice pilar, I might make some flower beds or something with them later :-)

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