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Monday, 18 February 2013

Catch up time (Part 3)

Right, so Maria needed to take holiday days so we went to Slovakia for 10 days.

Didn't get many pictures taken as I was working too much!

 Mr Plumber had been busy again, here you can see the bathroom sink drain, along with washing machine drain, cold and hot water with circulation return so you dont need to pour 20L of water down the drain every time you want hot water.
I'm a bit suprised he took the routes he did but he did a good job, if it was me I would have gone straight up instead of running along the wall like that, effectively weakening the wall on one side completely.
 Spaghetti junction getting worse.

White pipes are Cold feed, Hot Feed + Return

Snaking pipes are going to the radiator in the bedroom, and the exit to the right hand side where they join onto is where it leads to grannies radiators.
 Location for Bath tap.
 Kitchen sink + drain. The drain was meant to go out to the left hand side bottom of this pic but he chose to go through the wall so all fine and well.

 Very suprised by this, this is for the dishwasher, cold feed and drain, he used about 15 joints to go around the corner and into the drain, I would have just gone straight to the wall and upwards.

The less angles the better if you ask me, but he insists it will be fine as the dishwasher has pressure behind it, we'll see!

 UFH mixer to reduce the temperature from 50-60C for radiators to 30-40C UFH
 The tank slowly getting connected up.

The pump (Plumber insisted) is for the heating loop for the fireplace, its made out of 28mm copper which was welded instead of soldered, covered in special high temperature insulation.

The pump will switch on once a thermostat with probe reaches a certain temperature at the pipes near the fireplace so the fireplace can come up to temperature properly.

 Fuse box for boiler room, version 1.0, it has been changed after this slightly.

Incase you're wondering, from Left to right, Main switch 3ph + N, Boiler socket (red 10A), Wall socket 16A (Which is now redundant) 16A Socket in basement where water pump is so all the water/heating controls are in one place, 16A twin sockets below fusebox for "spare" things such as tools required for maintenance, 16A socket + junction box for both pumps on the hot water tank, but its been downgraded to 2A now I believe as the pumps almost draw no current. A 6A MCB for the lights in the room, and a 3ph RCD to stop us getting electrocuted if anything goes wrong!

 Wall socket for hot water circulation pump, will have a timer on it.
And the junction box below to be used for the thermostat that will tell the pump for the fireplace loop to turn on or off.

 Side view, Feed on left, Pump in basement next to it, twin sockets, light switch, all the way top left is the boiler socket.

 Started the "lounge" ceiling.

 And lounge ceiling complete.
 The main fuseboxes which were a bit of a pain to do since the main incommer was already in the wall and in use, and I had to put together the fusebox before I could connect it up to the main incommer, hence there is a lot of tension on the box through the cables, simply used a wooden batton and screwed it in place into the wall to keep the box in position whilst using electricians plaster to freeze it in place.

 A company was hired to do the fireplace surround to take a load off my shoulders, rather expensive and over the top if you ask me, but who am I to argue.

Basically they are creating a fireproof box with special insulation, Ytong is extremely fire resistant but yet they insist on glueing fireboard against it, same with the special vermiculite chimney bricks, extremely temperature resistant, also covered in fireboard.

 the place for the fireplace to sit on, and the cold air feed, then the gap in the blockwork is for cold air to be drawn in behind and around the fireplace and heated and expelled at the top again once warm.

Oh, and the two pipes for the backboiler :)
 Thermostatic shower thingy installed into the wall and all pipes ready.
 The window which after 4 months still hasn't turned up..

 Spaghetti junction getting worse and worse, but I believe this is it done!
 Toilet reservoir bolted into place and plumbed up.

And the service channel with various pipes and cables, the plumber had to move the towel radiator feed down as it was refusing to thermocycle by itself since the hot water didn't want to go down there to get it started.

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