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Monday, 18 February 2013

Catch-up time Part 1

Apologies for not keeping this updated at all, I've been meaning to do it for ages!

Its been a bit hectic with travelling across europe multiple times since the last update and also moving house to a different country!

Anyhow, pictures from where I left off!

 I had to remove the old wooden trusses, or at least move them up out of the way to get the platform room to a usable height so I put in some new beams and bolted them up.
 Removed the old ones, the nails were the strongest part of the construction, wood was mostly rotten at ends.
 And the boiler room built up.
 The boiler room gets its own fire rated plasterboard ceiling + insulation to keep it cosy.
the beams are simply ran lengthwise and notched into the walls.
 Also grannies hallway still needed to be completed as the floor was never done.
Smashed it to bits with a sledge hammer, nothing more than a few cm of concrete resting on soil, along with gravel in other places.

 All the rubble removed from the floor, kept for backfill.
 down to clear soil.
 Removed the soil to the right depth.
 And backfilled with rubble, with a layer of blinding sand over the top, and concreted over, all done in a few hours.

 electricity in livingroom all put in place yet to be wired up.
 A contractor was hired to come and straighten the old walls so they were reasonably straight.

 Different wall, also straightened.

 40mm drains in bathroom for bathroom sink and washing machine, along with a branch that will lead upstairs to the boiler platform for the condensing boiler and various overflows.

 started hacking away in the wall and foundation for the recessed toilet reservoir.
 Mortared back up all the gaps to stop it falling and making it a bit more solid.

 Started on ceiling support beams in livingroom.

 And the corner left out around the place for the chimney.

 Different view.
 Bathroom all filled in and pipes put in right place along with reinforcing and concrete starting to be dumped.

 A view of the recessed area for the toilet reservoir, added some metal rebar pieces in the top and mortared it in place to support the rest of the wall.
 floor all levelled out with fresh concrete. Shower on left, bath on right, toilet in middle.

 Did the metalwork for ceiling in livingroom.

 added plastic roofing material on the boiler rooms "roof" to stop condensation dripping back down onto the insulation material. and also added the metal profiles for plasterboard.
 Insulated the ceiling and fitted the doorframe.

 Damp proof coursing for wall in bathroom, hurrying to get things ready so the UnderFloorHeating can be installed.

 first row of bricks for wall in place.

 And also a service channel in the bathroom which contains electricity for the platform, workshop, cable for well pump 1x pipe to well 1x pipe to outside tap.
 Cut out a space for the UFH manifold box to go.
 Mortared it back up for strength.
 And the heating engineer started his work!

 Bathroom system boards all in place.
 And the UFH pipes being laid in bathroom.
 Grannies hallway

I quickly made the electricity in the garage work (3Ph) so they would have a 3ph supply for the pump to do the flooring screed.

Then, I left for 3 weeks back to the UK and let them get on with it!

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