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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Digging again!

Slowly making progress.. so let's catch up shall we.

Floor into the livingroom... kinda straight but could have been better, the guy that was supposed to help mix didn't show up so I did it all by myself with help of 75?? year old granny..

Different view..

Covered the kitchen/bathroom wall foundation with damp proof coursing
placed first layer, made it so its lower than the surrounding walls so cutting through for pipes etc is possible if needed.
And wall from bedroom side going up..
Looking into kitchen with bathroom in backround..
Recesses in kitchen for dual consumer units for electricity.

Removed all the broken concrete and put it to one side to start trenching once more!

Someone using his kennel.. happy he is!
And the dog deterrant in the trench.. doggy was going crazy running circles around outside, into the trench, under foundations, into the lounge inside, out the door, and round again 2 or 3x in a row..

cut down a bit more... and finished to go home.

Here at 1.2M+ deep, so the water won't freeze..
and clearing the gravelly stuff away next to well and garage..
All the gravelly stuff put to one side to go back into the hole.. all the soil was removed and I will backfill it with slag since there is still a heap of that in the garden that needs shifted!

And dug down.. with spur for electricity to garage.
And along garage for satellite cables.
Showing the different spurs and levels .. bottom is water for well, top is electricity for garage, left is sewage pipe for outside tap and water for tap since old stuff is all metal, and right is for satellite.

knocked through the rest of the foundation and trenched away inside at about 90cm down under the new foundation into bathroom. The foundation was crumbling at the top half and super easy so I decided NOT to do it with the big breaker at the time... turns out the 60cm that was still in the ground was rock solid, and it took me 2 hours + to remove this little bit

First water pipe in the trench, along with a conduit into the well to come up to the surface for a new electrical box which will be fitted to power a new pump in future.

And concreted back in place to stop ingress of soil/water/crud into the well.

The well is 6 meters deep by the way.

And that's it for now!

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