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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Are we there yet?

Picture dump again... not much to say!

Both water pipes in bottom of trench, using the slag that came out below the bedroom floor, sieved it all so the stones and large bits were out so effectively its just very fine granular material of up to 4mm or so.

 levelled it all off, added electricity cable to garage..
 different view showing hole to stand pipe on left, well in middle and garage on right.
 electricity cable to well added.
 covered up and sewage pipe for stand pipe added..
 levelled that all off and covered it..
 added conduit with 6 coax cables for satellite TV...
 levelled that all off...
 aaand backfilled it with the rougher stuff.
 stuck a little pipe in the ground next to the well to protect both the cable, and the tubing going into the well for later.
 covered over satellite cable conduit and raked it flat..
 and a view from inside.. did same here, sieved through all the material so its just fine granular material around all the cables/pipes, and all the bigger stuff over the top of it.

You can see garage power on left, sewage in middle and well electricity on right, the water pipes are below that.
 decided to cut back the rest of this wall which hadn't been done yet, so there is no more mess later and I wont damage the new floor.
 took all the rougher material that was left over from the sieving of the slag and levelled it out across floor, and soaked the whole lot extensively so it will hopefully settle properly and compact (As well as hammering with the big hammer above the trench!)
 Added lintels and half height blockwork around the walls to match the lintels heights..
 The two helpers being a bit tired..
 another view of the lounge area with the rough slag levelled out.. and you can see the satellite cable in the background going upwards.
 another 9 tonne of aggregate arrived.
and ready for concreting with the floor levelled with aggregate underneath and compacted down as much as possible by hand/feet/tools...  rebar all cut to size and raised up..

And that's it for now... concrete is drying but no pics of that yet, next time.

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