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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

We seem to have a wall!

Its funny how building things up takes a lot less time than demolishing old stuff.

Anyhow, we seem to have acquired a new wall! :)

So, the concrete had about a week to set properly in the supporting columns, time to move onwards.

Added the two minor lintels above the bookshelf and also the half blocks above it.
Sadly I never took any pictures of them being fitted.
Here's the plan which was originally intended, but its been modified slightly as there wasn't space for the second course above the lintels, and also where it ties into the existing wall is slightly different.
But anyhow, you can see what was intended.

First question is, how do you get 141KG's of lintel to where you want it to go!

Simple, I can swing one end at a time, so dragged it onto some old metal pipes and attached a rope and dragged/rolled it towards the door. 

Next step was to get a roller at the rear end, and drag it ontop the door step, then lift the other end up and chock it up, then add a roller on a plank to the middle and simply drag the whole thing inside.

5 minutes work! :)

 Next, found the center of balance and winched it up as high as it would go next to the existing new wall so it wouldn't snag, and tipped one end down and swung the other end onto its resting place.

 Then after that, chain the whole lot up at both sides tight and slacken off the hoist, and hoist the side that is still down upwards (no pics of this) and swing it inwards.

Then back to the center of balance and try to position it equally above the two load bearing pillars. (no pics either)

Then simply one side up at a time, lots of glue/mortar stuff under it and back down.

The chains simply allow that added freedom and safety to reposition the winch, shorten the pull etc and move points of leverage.

And the final resting place!

 Next courses built up and padstones added under roof beams and roof lowered back onto wall.
 the new lintel holding up the roof! :)
 And the other side where fireplace will be.
 I tried to level these beams out by removing all dependencies and simply lowering one acro-prop at a time but it simply doesn't want to go down, I guess the beams are simply "locked" in position.

So the little padstones needed to be individually cut and tapered to fit the gap.
 The new and final section of wall with the integrated bookshelf.
 And where the fireplace will be.
 Looking from where the kitchen will be.
And looking from the bedroom doorway into livingroom.

The "lounge" area looks huge now its been tidied up and with the large opening..

Hopefully wood should arrive tomorrow to start altering the roof beams for the boiler platform..

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